Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mason Grant...2 Months

lookey here at mason, how adorbale is he? mason is 2 months old and he is the sweet little new addition to the cain home. trena and houston should be proud of their sweet baby boy. houston is in afghanistan and will be home soon. i went to school with houston, so looking at mason just makes me realize how fast time really does fly. hope you enjoy all his sweetness!

trena and mason in his "my dad is my hero" hoodie

finally got to do a chest of drawers shot

sweet perfect hands

how i am enjoying this light

babies go so good in baskets, don't they?

he is so looking at his mommy in this one

love this

Monday, November 22, 2010

Kyle and Melia...Newlyweds

everyone meet kyle and melia and abby their weimaraner. i met melia years ago when we were tweens. her mom worked with my mom and everyone agrees that there is an uncanny resemblance melia and i share...i will let you be the judge! so yesterday on a beautiful fall afternoon i was invited to their litte cabin tucked away in the woods for i guess what you could call their first family shoot! a dog counts as a kid right, they are a big responsibility too. so we carry an old church pew to the dock below the house and begin to set up for some photos. i remember thinking it was so peaceful. they are good friends of mine and it was a pleasure spending some time with them to capture these photos. i hope you enjoy these as much as i enjoyed my time with kyle and melia and abby. kyle and melia were married on oct 2nd...congrats to them, and i know they have a bright future ahead of them.

curious abby

abbys blue green eyes are mezmerizing...too bad she can't have puppies

i love this

perfect still pond for a reflection shot

abby decided to be nosey and see what that noise was in the woods and ran away, she is missing from this shot

so here i caught melias response to look at me with a serious look...i knew she would crack

i really like this one for some reason


Saturday, November 20, 2010

TJ and Courtney...Engaged

Meet TJ and Courtney what an adorable couple they are...

TJ and Courtney met in yearbook back in high school so i guess you could could say they are high school sweet hearts

TJ decided to ask Courtney out, so one day in yearbook TJ placed a message in a yearbook layout and it said...

Courntey will you go to prom with me?

she replied by saying yes, so they went to prom and all that sweet high school stuff


a few weeks later tj was like, "courtney are we dating?'' and she replied by saying, "i guess, yes!"

so that is there sweer little story in a nut shell. so almost 3 years later we decided to meet up in downtown mount airy for their e-session

look at them how sweet? TJ and i sat in the most boring useless class together called ACA, ever heard of that? we discussed the uselessness of that class today and shared a few laughs!

Courtney is awaiting acceptance into UNC pharmaceutical school, all the while she is currently at UNC right now busting her butt...and both her and TJ commute to see eachother

what a lovely sweet, funny, and adorbale!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I said YES

so after a dream come true proposal well thought out by shannon we had our engagement session which was a pleasant surprise and a well kept secret! after shannon proposed on 11/12/10 he proceeded to tell me those cute little outfits we bought would be put to good use the next day in a photo session which took us to glen echo park and throughout different and sentimental locations in DC! we had an amazing 4 days together, the most memorable days i have experienced in a while! these photos were all done by kristen leigh...what a jewel she is! special thanks to cheyenne schultzs for the recommendation! shannon was such a good planner, i love him so much! i can only think of the donna fargo song "im the happiest girl in the whole USA, skippity doo dah ...." love love loved this weekend and what special memories we have to treasure. when i told corbin we were getting married he said, "yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" and then he asked when! i am so excited...

us on the capitol lawn

nice sentiment...kristen you rock

popcorn anyone? glen echo park was so neat! it reminded me of a vintage sort of thing which i am all about

kristen says...say something that will make her laugh...ok done!

i love our expressions in this set

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hayes Family Downtown Mount Airy

meet the hayes family

so precious

camden YOU are so adorable

had to get some sweet shots of chris and jessica

i am liking this one

these beautiful kids belong to the beautiful couple above

today seemed like a good day for chalk! i love this picture of the whole gang

so sweet